Avery and May | Our Story

Our Story

May and I met in art school and at first glance, we were definitely not two peas from the same pod. We are a study in opposites. We are so different, we’re a perfect match if you know what I mean? Yin and Yang? Peanut butter and jelly? She likes romantic comedies, I like film noir. She always has her nose in a book, I haven’t read a book all the way through since Hop On Pop. Hard to understand but it works. Who would’ve predicted that after four years at boarding school and four years of college, we would still be friends, and not just friends, soul sisters! So we took inspiration from our unexpected friendship and our love for jewelry design and started Avery and May.

We are both artists. We are both designers. We are both women. And while society tries to define me as a rebel and a “non-conformist” and label May as a prim and proper princess, we push back. We are all those things and more. We are complex.

But the truth is …Avery and May don’t really exist. As we were conceptualizing our jewelry line, we created these two archetype female characters. We wanted to illustrate that despite the labels that are placed on women based on their appearance, we are all much more than meets the eye. The jewelry we wear one day reflects our inner Avery, the next day, our inner May. No one dare define us but us. Our collections reflect diversity in design and materials because we all have our individual choice.

Society will continue to try to fit us in a box, but the only boxes around here are the ones we put our jewelry in. Celebrate your uniqueness!