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Here at AVMY, we understand the challenges young artists face when they are trying to make a name for themselves. A good deal of the time, success is only possible in the right combination of talent and opportunity. We’ve been fortunate to have someone believe in us, and we feel strongly that we should ‘pay it forward’ too. We created the Avery and May Aspiring Young Designer Showcase to feature new artists that we believe have talent and a unique vision of what women want.

As part of our program, we will cast a spotlight on the selected designers’ work, showcasing it on our website. The designers will also gain national exposure from our social media and P.R. campaigns, and through Amazon.

And, when they designs sell, they will be paid a percentage of the profits.

Our Featured Artists

Ashley Rose - Featured Artist | Avery and May
Ashley Rose

Born on the sunny California coast, Ashley's creative endeavors started at a young age; painting, drawing, designing clothing, sewing, deconstructing her clothing, and remaking pieces. Self taught, Ashley first sat down at a jewelry bench when she was eighteen years old, inspired by the Latin culture, emotion, and all things sacred. She believes that the power of your jewelery should reflect who you are from the inside out.

Every piece of Ashley's collection features a range of metals from gold, brass, copper, and silver. Raw organic gemstones are hand selected with the greatest purpose and intention. Not stopping at jewelery, Ashley continues to push her creative boundaries exploring sculpting, the integration of technology, and organic artistry.

Lena Ehsan Jafery - Featured Artist | Avery and May
Lena Ehsan Jafery

Lena Ehsan Jafery is a Pakistani-American artist, designer, and writer. She’s a Libra and an avid sock knitter who left home at 14 to pursue visual arts at the Interlochen Arts Academy, a premiere international fine arts school. At the Academy she explored many mediums including photography, sculpture, figure drawing, textiles, installations, and painting. Lena has won multiple national awards including being a Young Arts Finalist, and a Scholastic Art & Writing Award recipient. Her work has been featured in multiple juried art shows and exhibitions, including at the Kennedy Center and in a New York City gallery. Raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, she is currently based between Chicago and Paris, and studies Fashion and Writing as an Honors student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Lena’s collection for Avery & May is inspired by the gothic architecture of the Notre Dame Cathedral and the icy pastels of traditional macaron shops in Paris.

Deidre Moreschi - Featured Artist | Avery and May
Deidre Moreschi

Deidre Moreschi is a Chicago-based jewelry designer who specializes in luxury beading. She has spent years perfecting her craft and design process. From the age of ten, she sold her pieces on consignment to boutiques surrounding her neighborhood. She graduated from DePaul University with a degree in Political Science, yet, her desire for self-expression led her to entrepreneurship. When it comes to her style, Deidre describes herself as a contrarian and believes it is this quality that drives her creativity. She designs pieces with luxury materials to make fine jewelry with a unique, yet modest, twist. Her collection is inspired by women who celebrate their individuality over following the trends of the moment.

Become the next Avery and May featured Artist

If you think you have what it takes to become an Avery and May artist, please download the brief and complete the form below. Alternatively, please email us at designershowcase@averyandmay.com

After you have uploaded/emailed your submission to us, the following will happen:

  • You will receive an email acknowledging your submission.
  • Our Creative Committee convenes to review applicants once a month and you will be notified with regards to our final decision.
  • Upon selection, we will develop a prototype of your designs, and produce samples for quality control purposes.
  • Upon approval, your work will be put into production.
  • One month prior to expected production completion, we will begin promoting your designs and you as a featured artist.
  • At this point, your designs will available for pre-purchase on our website and Amazon.
  • When we receive delivery of the jewelry, we will send you five units of each piece for your own collection.
  • Based on your sales volume, you will be issued a profit sharing check each quarter (July/August/September by example).

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